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This page lists descriptions for some of our Literature & Special Topic courses available during the current and upcoming semesters. For a list of all available SPAN/PORT courses, please visit the Catalog linked below:

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Fall 2024

SPAN 429: Spanish Phonetics & Phonology

SPAN 429 offers a comprehensive exploration of contemporary Spanish pronunciation (Phonetics and Phonology) through interactive lectures and student-centered activities. Students engage in critical readings to grasp the fundamental concepts of Spanish sound formation and phonological processes in authentic contexts, enhancing their listening and speaking skills. The course delves into regional characteristics of Spanish pronunciation, fostering discussions in Spanish and emphasizing regular attendance.

SPAN 463: National Traditions in Latin America: “Contemporary Feminism in Argentina, Mexico, and the United States"

This course explores contemporary feminist movements, topics, and trends in Argentina, Mexico, and the United States. The course focuses on three thematic units: motherhood, abortion, and femicide. To allow for an in-depth comparison, each unit includes a variety of cultural materials (literary texts, legal documents, films, news, and chronicles) from the three countries.

SPAN 520: Structure of Spanish

SPAN 520 offers a fundamental exploration of Spanish grammar from a linguistic perspective, ideal for upper-level undergraduate and graduate students new to Linguistics. Through interactive lectures and student-centered activities, students engage in English-Spanish-English translation exercises, emphasizing grammatical variability across regions, social groups, and situations.

SPAN 745: Don Quixote

In the 409 and 419 years since Miguel de Cervantes published El ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha, it has become one of the most influential novels ever written. In addition to reading Cervantes’ novel in its entirety, we will consider the material and book cultures in which editions of the Quixote were produced an illustrated, including the 1945 edition illustrated by Salvador Dalí (and pictured below) in the Spencer Research Library.

We will also use the Quixote as a lens through which to examine the history of literary criticism, including interdisciplinary approaches to textual studies, by critics such as Leo Spitzer, Roger Chartier, Américo Castro, Anthony Close, Pablo Jauralde de Pou, Fredrick de Armas and Fernando Bouza.

SPAN 780: Intro to Hispanic Studies

SPAN 780 serves as the Introductory course to the graduate program in the department of Spanish and Portuguese. The course explores a variety of theoretical and methodological approximations to the transdisciplinary field that is Hispanic Studies. The course combines theoretical texts with various forms of cultural expression in order to provide students with a glimpse at the wide range of directions and possibilities in the field.

Summer 2024

SPAN 104 - 216 Summer Online

Looking to get ahead in your Spanish courses or complete your program's foreign language requirements? Enroll in one of our summer courses and earn credits online! Several of our Spanish language courses are offered in online format over the summer semester, including SPAN 104, 108, 212, and 216. Click the links below to view the courses on the Schedule of Classes for Summer 2024:

PORT 348: Portuguese Language & Brazilian Culture for Business

This course is designed to provide learners with a comprehensive understanding of Brazil and its cultural aspects. It includes language, art, history, demography, and economy. This virtual, asynchronous course is divided into 5 modules. You will learn Portuguese basic vocabulary and structures while approaching specific issues related to Brazil. No proficiency in Portuguese is required!

3 credit hour, Online - Asynchronous course from June 3-28.

LAC 512: Hispanic Studies, Iberian & Latin American Sci-Fi

Learn about Sci-Fi inspired by Latino historical imaginaries! 3 credits, Online – Asynchronous course from July 8 – July 26.