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We live in a complex multicultural society, and it is our duty to educate you and give you the resources to thrive in the world we live in. The Department of Spanish and Portuguese strives to increase your cultural and linguistic understanding within the transnational and regional contexts where Spanish and Portuguese are spoken. Therefore, we encourage you to spend some time studying abroad, exploring different cultures, and immersing yourself in a language for proficiency and fluency.

If you are interested to study abroad in a Spanish or Portuguese speaking country, we encourage you to plan your academic career carefully with the help of our Undergraduate Advising Specialist and Study Abroad & Global Engagement. Please review the Study Abroad Guide for help in studying abroad in Spanish or Portuguese. In general, you should know that:

  • With careful planning you can study abroad and still graduate on time.
  • The minimum eligibility requirements to study abroad are the completion of one semester on campus and a GPA of 2.5 or higher.  Some programs may have additional eligibility requirements.
  • Study abroad is a great way to satisfy your KU Core requirements. Therefore, you might consider reserving some of your KU Core classes to take abroad.
  • Scholarships are available for study abroad through both the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, Study Abroad & Global Engagement, and national organizations. You should research your opportunities early.
  • There may be certain courses within the Spanish and Portuguese curriculum that you should plan to take at KU. Meet with our Undergraduate Advisor Specialist to learn more about any restrictions that may exist in your curriculum so that you can effectively plan for a study abroad experience.

​Although we strongly encourage students to take advantage of every opportunity to enhance their linguistic and cultural knowledge, study abroad is not required to complete a Spanish major.

List of Study Abroad Programs

Within our department, we currently offer:

Language, Literature, and Culture in Barcelona, Spain (Summer)

The Summer Institute in Barcelona, Spain is designed for students with intermediate and advanced levels of Spanish proficiency to earn six to nine credits and improve their Spanish skills. Students will live with host families to further improve their Spanish.

Colorful buildings in Barcelona

Language and Culture in Buenos Aires, Argentina (Summer)

During this 6-week program students will earn 8 or 9 hours of Spanish language credit and live with an Argentine host family.

Boat harbor in Buenos Aires

Language and Culture in Salvador, Brazil (Summer)

Study Brazilian Portuguese at the beginning , intermediate, or advanced level and live with a Brazilian host family.

Busy beach in Salvador

Globalization and Afro-Brazilian Culture in Salvador, Brazil (Winter)

Learn about the history of the African diaspora in Brazil and the impact of the globalization of Afro-Brazilian culture by examining music, religion, art, and tourism in Bahia.

Decorative ornament covered in red, yellow, and green beads

Universidad de San Andrés, Buenos Aires, Argentina (Semester or Academic Year)

Study upper-level Spanish during the fall or spring semester in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

City skyline of San Andres featuring many tall buildings

University of Costa Rica, San José, Costa Rica (Semester or Academic Year)​

Spend a semester or academic year taking a wide variety of classes in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Large flower sculpture made of marble and glass

Semester in Salamanca, Spain (Spring)

Earn upper-level Spanish language and elective credits in historic Salamanca.

Large, busy courtyard in Spain featuring a castle-like building

Student Initiated Programs in Spain, Portugal, and Latin America

Study abroad in Spain, Portugal, or Latin America through an approved and accredited non-KU study abroad program.

Woman dancing while wearing traditional clothing, men playing percussion instruments in background