Verónica Garibotto

Verónica Garibotto
  • Director of Undergraduate Studies
  • Professor
  • Latin American literary and cultural studies
  • College of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Spanish & Portuguese

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Verónica Garibotto received her "Licenciatura en Letras" from the Universidad de Buenos Aires and her MA and PhD from the University of Pittsburgh. Before joining KU, she taught at Queen's University in Canada. Her research addresses the links between discourses and ideologies in 19th to 21st-century Latin America. Garibotto's first book Crisis y reemergencia: el siglo XIX en la ficción contemporánea de Argentina, Chile y Uruguay (Purdue University Press, 2015) explores the crisis of the nineteenth century as a discursive and ideological formation after the 1990s and its manifestations in literary fiction. Her second book, Rethinking Testimonial Cinema in Post-Dictatorship Argentina: Beyond Memory Fatigue (Indiana University Press, 2019) re-examines traditional approaches to testimonial cinema (trauma theory and subaltern studies), proposes an alternative approach at the intersection of semiotics and theories of affect, and analyzes post-dictatorship testimonial films produced between 1983 and 2016 from the latter standpoint. She has co-edited with Jorge Pérez The Latin American Road Movie (Palgrave Macmillan, 2016) and with Paola Bohórquez Psychoanalysis as Social and Political Discourse in Latin Americaand the Caribbean. Garibotto is now finalizing a new single-authored book, Paradoxical Ideologies: Psychoanalysis and Intersectionality in Argentina, that explores the links between psychoanalysis and the creation of LGBTQIA+ categories of identity, the role of psychoanalysis in gentrification, the links between psychoanalysis and social activism, and psychoanalytic discourses of reproductive rights. Her next book project centers on the tensions between reproductive rights and reproductive justice in Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico. She has published over twenty peer-reviewed articles in journals such as Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society, Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies, Latin American Research Review, Revista Iberoamericana, Studies in Hispanic Cinemas, Revista de Estudios Hispánicos, Hispanic Research Journal, Latin American Literary Review, and A contracorriente. She also serves on the editorial boards of PMLA and Toma Uno: Revista de Cine (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba, Argentina). Garibotto has received the Vice Chancellor for Research Book Publication Award, a Faculty Teaching Award from the Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs, a Cramer Root Professorship for excellence in research and teaching, two Hall Center Residential Fellowships, and a grant from the Ministerio de Cultura de la Nación Argentina for the publication ofSemiótica y afecto: el cine testimonial en la posdictadura (Imago Mundi, 2021), a version in Spanish of Rethinking Testimonial Cinema. Graduate students working with her have written dissertations on topics such as representations of Nazism in Mexican and Argentine literature; mobility and memory in Andean Indigenous films; displacement and intersectionality in Colombian, Ecuadoran, and Venezuelan travel narratives; Afro-Mexican cultural production; Central American science fiction; representations of Argentine and Brazilian soccer; and Argentine, Greek, and South Korean cinemas.


Research interests:

  • Nineteenth- to twenty-first century Latin American cultural studies
  • Cultural, literary, and film theory, with emphasis on theories of ideology
  • Intersectionality
  • Feminism; Gender and Sexuality; Reproductive Justice
  • Trauma theory, memory studies, and psychoanalysis
  • Indexicality, iconicity, and affect in film


Teaching interests:

  • Latin American literary, filmic, and cultural studies
  • Spanish language
  • Transatlantic Hispanic cultures
  • Cultural and literary theory
  • Textual analysis and critical reading
  • Feminism; gender and sexuality

Selected Publications

  1. Garibotto, Verónica and Paola Bohórquez. Psychoanalysis as Social and Political Discourse in Latin America and the Caribbean. Routledge, 2022.  
  2. Garibotto, Verónica. Semiótica y afecto: el cine testimonial en la posdictadura. Imago Mundi, 2021.
  3. Garibotto, Verónica. “The Desiring Woman: Psychoanalytic Discourses of Abortion in Argentine Feminism.” Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society 28.3, 2023, pp. 393–410. 
  4. Garibotto, Verónica. “Desire Moves Us: Psychoanalysis and Reproductive Rights in Argentina.” Psychoanalysis, Culture & Society. Counterspace. Special Number: Women’s Bodies, Reproductive Rights, and Self-Determination. Eds. Angie Voela and Lara Sheehi, 2023, pp. 308-314.
  5. Garibotto, Verónica. “Uneven Reproductive Landscapes: The Abortion Documentary in Latin America.” Latin American Research Review, 2022, pp. 1-9.
  6. Garibotto, Verónica and Paola Bohórquez. “Beyond the Therapist’s Couch: Psychoanalysis as Social and Political Discourse in Latin America and the Caribbean.” Psychoanalysis as Social and Political Discourse in Latin America and the Caribbean. Eds. Verónica Garibotto and Paola Bohórquez. Routledge, 2022, pp. 1-12.
  7. Garibotto, Verónica. “Paradoxical Ideologies: An Intersectional View of Argentine Psychoanalytic Discourses on Gender and Sexuality (2005-2012).” Journal of Latin American Cultural Studies 30.4, 2022, pp. 1-15.
  8. Garibotto, Verónica.  “Filiaciones y desvíos: de la literatura a los estudios culturales y de los estudios culturales a la literatura.” Filiaciones y desvíos: lecturas y reescrituras en la literatura latinoamericana. Ed. Andrea Cobas Carral. Instituto de Literatura Hispanoamericana, 2022, pp. 243-249.
  9. Garibotto, Verónica. “¿Quién es Dayani Cristal?: hacia un quiebre entre documental y ficción en el cine de la frontera.” Violencias y fronteras entre México y Estados Unidos. Ed. Oswaldo Estrada. Albatros de Valencia, 2021, pp. 195-208.
  10. Garibotto, Verónica. “Argentine Psychoanalysis as Gentrifier: The Case of Palermo.” Journal of Urban Cultural Studies 7.2, 2020, pp. 109-132.

Selected Presentations

“The Ambivalence of Desire: Feminism, Psychoanalysis, and Abortion in Argentina.” Psychology & The Other. Boston College. Boston, 2023.


“Reading Violence Through Affect.” 2023 International Congress of the American Comparative Literature Association. Chicago, 2023.

“Imágenes móviles en el documental posdictatorial: hacia una descentralización de los estudios del trauma y la memoria.” Latin American Studies Association: Southern Cone section, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2019.

Awards & Honors

Faculty Residential Fellowship.
Hall Center for the Humanities. University of Kansas

Jessie Marie Senor Cramer & Ann Cramer Annual Award for Excellence in Research and Teaching.
Department of Spanish and Portuguese. University of Kansas

Subsidio Nacional para Publicación: Semiótica y afecto: el cine testimonial en la posdictadura.
Ministerio de la Cultura de la Nación Argentina, 2020. 

Jessie Marie Senor Cramer & Ann Cramer Root Professorship for Excellence in Research and Teaching, University of Kansas (2015-2018)
University of Kansas
2015 - 2018

Hall Center for the Humanities Residential Fellowship
Hall Center, University of Kansas
International Programs Research Fund
Office of International Programs
Sabbatical leave
University of Kansas
2014 CLASP Junior Faculty Teaching Award,
Consortium of Latin American Studies Programs
Jessie Marie Senor Cramer & Ann Cramer Root Award for Excellence in Research and Teaching
University of Kansas
Vice Chancellor for Research Book Publication Award
University of Kansas