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Graduate Program

Procedure for internal M.A. applications to Ph.D. program

1. The Department’s M.A. to Ph.D. Admissions Committee oversees the application process. This Committee consists of the regular Graduate Admissions Committee and the Chair of the Graduate Studies Committee.

2. Applications for the Ph.D. program are due on the first Friday after the semester starts (MA exam to be taken later that semester). Students should submit their completed application to our graduate advisor for review by the M.A. to Ph.D. Admissions Committee. A completed application includes:

• a statement of Ph.D. goals, including likely committee members;

• a current degree progress report by signing in through http://my.ku.edu;

• a writing sample from M.A. work;

• one-paragraph letters from 2 faculty members with whom the student would work; applicants request these letters from faculty, to be delivered to the Department of Spanish and Portuguese main office;

• In addition the Committee contacts the Co-Directors of the Language Program for an assessment of the candidate’s teaching qualifications.

3. In preparing the statement of Ph.D. goals, applicants may consult the Department guidelines below.

 4. The Committee communicates its preliminary decision to the candidate by September 30 (fall applications) or February 15 (spring applications). All acceptances are contingent on successful completion of the M.A. 

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