Applications - Summer 2024 GTA positions abroad

This page will allow you to apply for GTAships abroad for Summer 2024. Please read the information on each program below and follow the Qualtrics link to begin applying. Students are welcome to submit applications for multiple programs. All applications are due by October 30th, 2023!

Please email the Director of Graduate Studies, Antônio Simões, at with any questions.

Each of the three applications asks you to submit the following materials:

1. A letter of application, in English or Spanish.

  1. In the letter outline your qualifications and the relevance of this summer teaching assignment to your professional and academic development. If you are an international student with limited eligibility for other forms of summer employment, please indicate your need for this kind of position. Please include the name of your advisor on the top of your letter, between the address component and the salutation line (e.g. Advisor: Fulano Zutano). These letters are expected to address the GTA interest in the position and a letter applying for the summer positions should not exceed two pages, single spaced.

2. A current DPR (Degree Progress Report) form that includes courses taken.

3. A semester by semester list of all courses and levels taught at the University of Kansas. Additional information about teaching experience elsewhere may also be included. A detailed curriculum vitae may be submitted in lieu of this listing provided that it includes such a semester-by-semester listing.

Summer 2024 Application Links:


Buenos Aires, Argentina

One Graduate Teaching Assistantship,

Summer Language Institute (SLI), Summer Session 2024

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

One Graduate Teaching Assistantship,

Summer Language Institute (SLI), Summer Session 2024

Barcelona, Spain

One Graduate Teaching Assistantship,

With Possible Second Depending on Enrollment in the Program,

Summer Language Institute (SLI), Summer Session 2024