Brazilian Studies Graduate Certificate

Students already admitted into a KU graduate degree program are automatically eligible for the certificate programs. Students seeking to come to KU only for the certificate must meet the same admission standards as KU Latin American & Caribbean Studies MA students, which includes significant training or experience in Portuguese or Spanish, a solid undergraduate GPA (usually 3.25 or better), a letter of intent, three letters of recommendation, evidence of writing proficiency, and solid GRE scores.

Brazilian Certificate Curriculum

The Brazilian Certificate requires Portuguese language proficiency - which includes aural, speaking, reading and writing ability and can be demonstrated in a variety of ways - and four courses (12 hours) that include the following: 1) the Interdisciplinary Seminar on Latin American Cultures and Problems (LAA 701) offered each Spring Semester, 2) a research colloquium on Brazil (LAA 703), and 3) two electives from different departments allowing a Brazilian focus. Course registration must be made in consultation with the Graduate Advisor in Latin American & Caribbean Studies.