GRASP is happy to announce that Hablemos has returned for Spring 2019!

Hablemos is the GTA-led Spanish discussion table where Spanish students of all levels are welcomed to come and practice their language skills in an informal setting. Each week has a guiding theme intended to facilitate communicative outcomes in the target language. GRASP would like to inform that Hablemos is not restricted to KU affiliates, nor students, but to everybody who is willing to chat for a while, to practice Spanish communication, and to make new friends. For more information regarding dates and times, please check out the event flyer, or email GRASP at graspkuspan@ku.edu.

Here's what people have to say:

Hablemos offers a great opportunity to become engaged in informal conversation with native and near-native speakers of Spanish. Every week, 2 different instructors host this event, favoring that several countries are represented through our colleagues. Mexico, Spain, Colombia, Argentina, Dominican Republic, Honduras... Do not miss the chance to get in touch with different accents and cultures; we love to share!!” – Ruth Fernández

“I enjoyed Hablemos because it gave me a chance to practice speaking Spanish with other people in an open and welcoming environment." – Kevin Velasco

Dates for Spring 2019:

Hablemos is held at Mclain's Market on Thursdays from 4:00-5:00pm 

February 7 – Theme: Diversión

February 14 –  Theme: San Valentin

February 21 – Theme: Comidas

February 28 – Theme: Viajes 

March 7 – Theme: Carreras

March 21 – Theme: Tiempo libre 

March 28 – Theme: Pop culture 

April 4 – Theme: La familia y otras relaciones

Hablemos is also held at Lawrence High School from 3:15-4:00pm 

January 31 – Theme: Diversión y Comidas

February 28 – Theme: Viajes y Carreras

March 29 – Theme: Deportes y Peliculas

April 25 – Theme: Familia y Fiestas








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