Ximena Sevilla

Ph.D. Candidate, History (Out of Field)
Primary office:
Wescoe Hall 2613
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS


Ximena Sevilla is a sixth year Ph.D. graduate student in environmental and Latin American history at the University of Kansas. Her dissertation titled On the Edge of the Wild: Representations of the Montaña Region of Peru before the Rubber Boom seeks to explore the historical meanings that indigenous peoples, Spanish conquistadors, missionaries, scientific explorers, and early national elites have ascribed to the montaña region of northern Peru during the colonial period. In tracing these views of the montaña from a dialectic approach and over the long durée, her project contributes to the understanding of ways in which the material environment of this montaña region has influenced the social and economic relationship of outsiders and locals, while also considering environmental change as a product of human interventions in this place. In Fall 2018, she received the Richard and Jeannette Sias Graduate Fellowship in the Humanities at the Hall Center.

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