Spring 2020 Graduate Courses

Spanish Courses

SPAN 745       Don Quixote


                        4:00-7:00                     W                    2600 Wescoe

SPAN 785       Spec Topi­c Span-American Liter

                        Reading Intersectionality in Latin American Culture


                        4:00-7:00                     M                     2600 Wescoe

SPAN 922       Seminar Spanish Liter&Culture

                        Race and Its Historiography in Iberian Studies


                        2:30-3:45                     TuTh                2600 Wescoe

SPAN 985       Seminar Span Amer Liter&Culture

                        La Escritura Femenina Contemporánea en México


                        4:00-7:00                     Tu                    2600 Wescoe

Portuguese Course

PORT 611       Portuguese - Acc Basic Port Spanish Speakrs

                        Cavalcante Da Silva

                        2:30-3:45                     MW                 1015 Wescoe

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