Chester Klotz, Law

Chester Klotz

I am the lead attorney for Solana, a recently completed $1.8 billion solar thermal power plant outside Gila Bend, Arizona, constructed by Abengoa, a Spanish multinational. I followed all legal and insurance issues related to the project, including negotiations of subcontracts and litigation.

My liberal arts and sciences background, which included extensive study abroad and Spanish language training, has proven invaluable in my current position.  My work environment is fast-paced, multi-lingual and multi-cultural.  Without the cultural and language training I received during my liberal arts curriculum at KU, my ability to communicate and operate in this environment would be severely limited.

Language study is truly unique because it serves as an intellectual pursuit in and of itself and simultaneously as a gateway to new cultures, business opportunities, and friendships.  I would advise any Spanish and Portuguese majors to use their language knowledge to springboard to these opportunities.  Language acquisition is really only the tip of the iceberg.

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