Fall 2018 Graduate Courses Previews

Below you will find a list of courses offered within the department. For the dates and times of a specific course, please see the online Schedule of Classes. Course locations are subject to change.

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                        Port 612          Accelerated Basic Portuguese for Spanish Speakers II


                                    11:00 – 12:15              TR                   2600 Wescoe

     Span 764         Modern and Contemporary Peninsular Poetry          


                                    4:30 – 7:00                  T                      2600 Wescoe

Span 785         Spec Topic Span-American Liter:

Poetics in Black: Performance and the Archive in Black and Latinx Cultural Production


                                    1:00 – 2:15                  TR                   2600 Wescoe

      Span 801         Teaching Spanish in Inst Higher Learng


                         4:30 – 7:00                  M                     2600 Wescoe

Span 922         Seminar Spanish Liter&Culture:

Censorship, the Inquisition and Authority in Early Modern Spain   


            2:30 – 3:45                  TR                   2600 Wescoe

Span 985         Seminar Span Amer Liter&Culture:

Latin American Testimonio: a Contemporary Reexamination of a Classic Genre


            4:30 – 7:00                  W                    2600 Wescoe


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