Fall 2017 Graduate Course Previews

Below you will find a list of courses offered within the department. For the dates and times of a specific course, please see the online Schedule of Classes. Course locations are subject to change. To view course previews, click here.

SPAN 722: Special Topics in Spanish Literature
2:30-3:45, TR, 2600 Wescoe

SPAN 795: Literary Theory and Criticism
4:00-7:00, M, 2600 Wescoe

SPAN 801: Teach Spanish in Inst Higher Learning
4:00-7:00, T, 2600 Wescoe

SPAN 922: Seminar Spanish Literature & Culture
3:00-4:15, MW, 4034 Wescoe

PORT 612: Acc Basic Portuguese Spanish Speakers II
1:00-2:15, TR, 4037 Wescoe

PORT 785: Transatlantic Dictatorship: Fiction and History in Iberian and Latin American Literature and Cinema
9:30-10:45, TR, 2600 Wescoe

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