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Degree Requirements

30 credits of coursework in literary and cultural analysis

When planning the course in consultation with the advisor, students should make sure that  the 30 credits include:

1.  ONE Seminar (preferably after having completed a 700 level course or other courses on a related topic)

2.   A minimum of one course with a focus on each of the following:

a)   Medieval/Early morning Peninsular

b)   Colonial Latin America (prior to 19th Century)

c)   Modern/Contemporary Peninsular (19th-21st Century)

d)   Modern/Contemporary Latin/o America

Please note:

-   Students in the MA considering pursuing a Ph.D. should enroll in SPAN 795, or an alternative course with a focus in literary theory.

-   It is highly recommended that students seek to take at least one course with a focus on film studies or/and cultural studies.

-   Two of the required 30 hours of coursework may be taken outside of the department with the approval of the graduate advisor.

Spanish 801: Teaching Spanish in Institutions of Higher Learning

This course is required of all GTAs during their first semester of teaching.

Reading knowledge of another foreign language as approved by the department.

Graduate Students must speak to their academic advisor for questions regarding possible languages and equivalencies. Ultimately, an argument must be made of how knowledge of that language ties to the students’ interests in the Spanish speaking world. Graduate students must show a grade no lower than a B in the courses towards fulfilment of this requirement.

To complete this requirement, the student can:

1.  Take one reading knowledge language course in the chosen language at KU (courses focused on reading comprehension).

2.  Show third semester college course work from another institution with an average grade of A or B.

3.  Pass an examination in the chosen language administered by the corresponding department at KU.

4.  Passing the GSFLT at the requisite level.

The department highly recommends Accelerated Portuguese (POR 612), which should be taken during the second semester of the M.A. program.

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