Ángel María Rañales Pérez

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences - Spanish & Portuguese
Ph.D. Student
Medieval Iberia
University Graduate Studies Fellow
Advisor: Isidro Rivera
Primary office:
Wescoe Hall 2031
University of Kansas
Lawrence, KS


Ángel María Rañales Pérez (Mugardos, A Coruña) is a third-year PhD student in the Spanish and Portuguese Department. His research interests include medieval and early-modern Iberian literature and culture, with a particular attention to fifteenth-century Castilian chivalric practices. During the academic year 2016-2017 and 2018-2019, Ángel participated with the Graduate Association for the Department of Spanish and Portuguese (GRASP) as secretary and president, respectively. He also collaborates with La corónica Commons. Medieval Iberian Languages, Literatures & Culturesas assistant editor and with Digitus Indie Publisheras editorial board member. 

Teaching Interests

  • Communicative Language Teaching
  • Backwards Design
  • Scaffolding
  • Active Learning
  • Digital Learning
  • Inclusive Classroom
  • Safe Zone Training

Research Interests

  • Late Medieval Culture
  • Manuscript and Print Culture
  • Chivalric Literature and Discourse
  • Translation Studies
  • Neo-medievalism
  • Knighthood
  • Burgos
  • El Camino

Selected Publications

“Una discusión sobre el método de interpretación histórica de Quentin Skinner”. La razón histórica, no. 44, September-December 2019, pp. 1-7.

Group Online Exhibition, Books of Hours:The Art of Devotion. Kenneth Spencer Research Library, University of Kansas, Lawrence (Catalogue), http://www.ha510.dept.ku.edu/exhibits/show/books-of-hours--the-art-of-dev/artofdevotion.

Literary Reviews

“Ciudades (in)visibles: el moderno relato de viajes”. Review of Contrapuntos VI: Ciudades (in)visibles, edited by Marcos Pico Rentería. La Santa Crítica, July 2019, http://lasantacritica.com/lo-que-trajo-el-cartero/ciudades-invisibles-el-moderno-relato-de-viajes/.

“Lomelí: estética, penuria, desierto”. Review of Estética de la penuria. El colapso de la civilización occidental entre los guaycuras, Luis Felipe Lomelí. La Santa Crítica, January 2019, http://lasantacritica.com/lo-que-trajo-el-cartero/lomeli-estetica-penuria-desierto/.

“Digitalizando la difusión cultural: una tarea inevitable”. Review of Revista de la Universidad de México, edited by Guadalupe Nettel. La Santa Crítica, 3 June 2018, http://lasantacritica.com/lo-que-trajo-el-cartero/digitalizando-la-difusion-cultural-una-tarea-inevitable/.

“El poder la traducción, máxima de Asymptote”. Review of Asymptote Journal, edited by Lee Yew Leong. La Santa Crítica, 11 May 2018, http://lasantacritica.com/lo-que-trajo-el-cartero/el-poder-de-la-traduccion-maxima-de-asymptote/

Una nueva mirada a la narrativa: la experimentación de Contrapuntos V”. Review of Contrapuntos V: The Gaze, edited by Indira Yadira Arianna García Varela. La Santa Crítica, 4 Apr. 2018, http://lasantacritica.com/lo-que-trajo-el-cartero/una-nueva-mirada-a-la-narrativa-la-experimentacion-de-contrapuntos-v/

Selected Presentations

“Neo Medieval Tourism: The Twenty-First Century-Case of El Passo Honroso of Suero de Quiñones in Hospital del Órbigo, León”. Kentucky Foreign Language Conference, University of Kentucky, Lexington, April, 2019.

Moderator, “Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation”. Presentation at the Fall New GTA Orientation, Center for Teaching Excellence, University of Kansas, Lawrence, August, 2018.

“Painting cofradesin Late Medieval Burgos: Widening Chivalric Representations through Castilian Brotherhoods”. Multidisciplinary Graduate Student Conference, Newberry Library, Center for Renaissance Studies, Chicago, January, 2018.

“Knights, Jousts and Visual Power. Fostering a New Readership in La historia de los nobles cavalleros Oliveros de Castilla y Artus dalgarbe”. Medieval Association of the Midwest Conference, Lawrence, October, 2017.

Moderator, “Graduate Teaching Assistant Orientation”. Presentation at the Fall New GTA Orientation, Center for Teaching Excellence, University of Kansas, Lawrence, August, 2017.

“Capoeira and Ladja: The Interface between Play, Dances and Culture in Two Afro-American Dances”. Brazilian Studies Symposium, University of Kansas, Lawrence, April, 2017.

Chair, “Post-War Theater and Novel”. Session atMid-America Conference on Hispanic Literatures, Lawrence, November, 2016.

“La figura del indiano en el siglo XIX en Tormentode B.P. Galdós y El Abuelode José Luis Garci”. Spanish and Portuguese Graduate Research Colloquium, University of Kansas, Lawrence, December, 2015.

Selected Awards & Honors

2019    Roberta Johnson Award for Academic Performance, Spanish and Portuguese, University of Kansas
2019    Nomination for Graduate Student Distinguished Service Award, University of Kansas
2019    L.R. Fox Graduate Scholarship Fund, University of Kansas
2019    Conference Travel Grant, Spanish and Portuguese, University of Kansas
2018    Graduate Research Consultant Award, Center for Undergraduate Research, University of Kansas
2018    Medieval and Early Modern Studies Certificate, School of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, University of Kansas
2018    Newberry Renaissance Consortium Grant, Hall Center for the Humanities, University of Kansas
2017    Kate Stephens Fellowship, Research Travel Grant, University of Kansas
2017    Graduate University Fellowship, University of Kansas
2016    Tinker Foundation Research Grant, University of Kansas

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