Social events are a good opportunity to bring a community together and to get to know people with whom you might not have enough time to interact due to academic responsibilities. Thus, GRASP, in an effort to strengthen relationships between the GTAs in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese, has decided to organise Kickbackeando, a monthly social gathering taking place in different locations around Lawrence. The nicest thing about Kickbackeando is that every GTA has a say in the decision-making process. At the beginning of each term, GRASP will send an electronic poll with 10-15 prospective places to hold 4 get-togethers. The results will be tallied and afterwards, exact dates and places will be announced in due time via e-mail. Attendees will be responsible for purchasing their own food and drinks. 

Kickbackeando was born from the ever-hilarious Talent Show, a yearly instance where the members of the Department of Spanish and Portuguese displayed their talents in different areas in front of an embarrassed audience.  

Here's what people have to say:

"My favorite part of the Talent Show is the fact that we get to see and express ourselves in ways that are not related to our everyday work. We all read and write a lot, duh! But in the Talent Show students AND faculty get to perform in front of the Department showcasing their hidden talents. It is a great event to bond as a department, both among students and faculty. I look forward to the Talent Show every year and I hope it continues to be put on by GRASP in years to come." – Andrés Ravinovich


Le Regenta can wait, the chance to connect with your colleagues on a personal level cannot. 

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