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Staff selected for KU's 2018-2019 Aspiring Leaders Program

Monday, October 29, 2018

LAWRENCE — Mike Rounds, vice provost for operations, has announced the 2018-2019 cohort of Aspiring Leaders at the University of Kansas.

The Aspiring Leaders Program aims to make KU a stronger institution by providing university staff an opportunity to learn the essentials of effective leadership and equip them to lead from where they are within their organization.

The eight-month program, originally designed in partnership with the Shared Service Centers leadership, has been revised with an all-campus lens. It provides an experiential, hands-on approach to motivate people to apply what they have learned by serving as influential team members and putting into place tools to sustain the learning.

The curriculum includes monthly classroom sessions, journaling, individual coaching and partnering with one another to sustain the learning. Underpinning the program is the belief that deep awareness of self is required to be an effective leader. Participants engage in clarifying their strengths, developing their ability to manage self, critical thinking and engaging the practice of leadership through a reflective and intentional pursuit.

The 2018-2019 Aspiring Leaders

Wendy Bridges, events manager, Office of Event Management & Protocol

Andy Jackson, IT engineer, Information Technology

Joliene Lummis, administrative associate, Professional & Continuing Education

Suzi Ortiz, enterprise project manager, Finance

Melissa Peterson, academic coordinator, TRIO SES & STEM

Julia Reilly, graduate academic adviser, College Office of Graduate Affairs

Brittany Sanchez, appointment specialist, Human Resource Management

Amy Schmidt, academic adviser, College Advising & Student Services

Tyler Shinn, custodian, Facilities Services

Barbara Simpson, application processing specialist, Admissions

Kelly Spavin, R & L Program coordinator, KU Libraries

Kristy Spellman, financial analyst senior, Business & Financial Planning

Alex Urso, administrative assistant, Human Resource Management

Meredith Wiggins, career counselor, School of Law, Career Services Office

Jeremy Willard, IT support technician, Information Technology

Alberta Wright, administrative specialist, School of Social Welfare

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