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Graduate Program

Advisory Committee: Responsibilities & Functions

Students admitted to the doctoral program will either choose or be assigned an advisor when they begin their coursework, and this advisor will counsel the student in course selections for the second semester. During the second semester, students will form and meet with a three-member advisory committee consisting of an advisor and two additional department faculty members. At this meeting the student and the committee will prepare a Ph.D. Advisory Form with a working plan for the student’s coursework, language-requirement fulfillment, minor, exams, and dissertation topic; this plan is submitted to the Department Graduate Studies Committee for approval before the end of the second semester. The plan may subsequently be changed if needed in consultation with the student’s advisor and the Advisory Committee. In preparing the Ph.D. Advisory Form, the advisor and committee will counsel the student in taking courses and seminars pertinent to the student’s areas of specialization; the number of courses for students will vary according to the student’s academic background and preparation. The Advisory Committee also oversees the preparation of Ph.D. exam reading lists and the student’s preparation of the A-exam paper and, when instructed by the chair of the Graduate Studies Committee to do so, prepares and grades the written examination questions for the B and C exams. 

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